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Bobby Gaspar: Research Training Fellowships

Action Medical Research has been awarding Research Training Fellowships for more than 40 years to promising doctors and scientists to support the development of future leaders in children’s research.

One former fellow, whose pioneering work has made a major impact on fighting diseases affecting vulnerable babies and children, is Professor Bobby Gaspar. His medical career is now entering its third decade. One of his career highlights is undoubtedly his involvement in the development of gene therapy, which he has used to ‘correct’ faults in babies’ genes that put them at severe risk of infections.Bobby Gaspar is Professor of Paediatrics and Immunology at the Molecular Immunology Unit at the University College London Institute of Child Health (ICH). “As a young man, if I could’ve imagined my perfect career then the one I have is exactly it!” he says.

Action Medical Research supported Bobby’s early research career – in 1993 he was awarded a fellowship to help him complete his PhD. “This was my academic foundation, it set me on the road to my academic and clinical career,” he explains.

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