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Alex and Daniel's story

Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (SLOS)

Brothers Alex and Daniel have issues related to autism, eating and digestion. Alex was also born with curvature of the spine and Daniel with a hole in his heart. Finally, all their symptoms were explained by a diagnosis of a rare condition.

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Long-term chronic pain relief research

Lauren Heathcote was awarded a three-year Research Training Fellowship by us in 2013. She appeared on BBC South Today, Oxford, to talk about her research on Wednesday 15 October 2014.

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Action Cream Teas volunteer packing day 2014

Nearly 5,000 Action Cream Teas ordered. 30 volunteers over 2 days packed them. Delivered to 245 UK workplaces and rasing over £29,000 for Action Medical Research! See our amazing volunteers in action packing the cream tea boxes.

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Action Cream Teas 2015

Thousands of people across the UK took a well-deserved break for an Action Cream Tea in a box, delivered direct to their doors on Thursday 18 June. Don't miss out next year, be sure to put the date in your diary for 2015!

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Bobby Gaspar: Research Training Fellowships

Professor Bobby Gaspar, awarded an RTF in 1993, talks about the Research Training Fellowships and his research leading to life-saving treatment of babies born with faults in their genes affecting their immune systems.

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