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What do School Champions do?



  • Connect with or visit any school (private or state and all stages from nursery to sixth form)
  • Ask the school (or class) to choose Action to benefit from any school events (such as concerts, fairs and mufti days)
  • Some Champions also offer to give a short talk (using a toolkit), to small or large groups of school children about the vital research funded by Action


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Inspire a school to fundraise

Do you have a link to a local school? Are you a parent or guardian? Or governor? Do you live near a school? Could you connect with any school and ask them to choose Action for their fundraising school events or mufti days?

What do you need?

Good communication skills and some time to connect with at least one local school

Existing School Champion?

Are you an existing School Champion? Thank you for inspiring schools to fundraise for Action! Get your School Champion internal resources.

What's the first step?

Contact us to find out more. One of our community team will then contact you to chat about what is involved and answer any questions. If you want to become a School Champion they will discuss what your first approach to a school might be and give you the bumper pack of resources. It has example emails and letters you can use if you like.

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