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Their hearts in our hands

While the average adult's heart is the size of a closed fist, a baby's is almost 10 times smaller. So small it could fit in the palm of your hand, just like a walnut.

1 in 150 babes are born with heart defects. These tiny changes to the heart structure cause the delicate organ not to function properly. 

If they are to survive, babies born with these conditions must undergo risky open-heart surgery. 


In need of safer surgery

Operating on such a tiny organ in such a weak child is incredidbly risky - many babies don’t survive past their first operation. A terrifying prospect that no new parent should have to face.

Action are working hard to develop new procedures that will reduce the current level of risk of each heart surgery and reduce the number of operations that each child might undergo.  

Funding for child medical research is critically low, which is why we need your help. Together we can work to make heart surgery safer and save more little lives




Our life-saving research

Action is funding research which will create virtual 3D models of babies' hearts. These will be used to create a personalised surgery for each baby, making the procedure safer and more effective. 

Computerised 3D models will enable surgeons to learn more about the successes and drawbacks of different surgical techniques.

We need your help to fund this groundbreaking research which will make heart surgery safer for so many babies in the future.

With your support we can ensure that more babies can spend their first precious moments with their parents rather than on an operating table, fighting for their lives - please, donate now.

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Celebrity cook Rachel Khoo is kindly supporting our Christmas appeal with this great gingerbread heart recipe.


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