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World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day

Around 61,000 babies are born prematurely every year in the UK. But we still don’t know what causes it or how to prevent it happening.

Helping babies born too soon

Premature birth is the biggest killer of babies in the UK. Tragically, around 1,200 babies die here each year after being born too soon. Many others who survive a very early birth develop lifelong problems such as cerebral palsy, blindness and learning difficulties.

Yet little is known about why some women go into labour too soon. And, as Action funded researcher Professor Nigel Klein says: “Preventing premature birth remains a major challenge to modern medicine.”

World Prematurity Day is on 17 November and we are proud to add our support.

My tiny twins

Twins Iris and Tom were born prematurely and their mum’s life was at risk too.

Born too soon

Baby Sam's shocking but welcome arrival two and a half months early.

Daisy's fight for life

Weighing just 1lb 8.5oz, Daisy suffered collapsed lungs and pneumonia.

The vital research we fund aims to improve understanding of the conditions that put babies at risk of an early birth and enable doctors to advance the search for new treatments that could prevent or stop early labour. 

Surprisingly medical research to help babies and children is poorly funded in the UK. Action has a critical job to do in helping fill this gap to protect tiny, vulnerable babies. We have vital research ready to go – we simply can’t fund it all.

With your help we’re determined to make a real difference for babies who, like Samuel and Daisy and tiny twins Iris and Tom, are at risk of being born too soon.

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Meet the midwife

Helen Barton is part of the CONCEIVE study into pre-eclampsia.

Fighting for little lives

Action funded researcher Dr Jo Cook explains why her work matters so much.

Emily is full of bounce

Born six weeks early Emily is now, thankfully, a happy toddler.

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