The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge Itinerary | Action Medical Research

Team challenge

The Mountain Series is ideal for companies looking for a lively way to put staff through their paces. Team building is vital to the success of any organisation and provides many benefits to companies. It boosts staff morale, builds employee confidence and loyalty and allows development of relationships across all levels of the organisation.

Your team will prepare, fundraise and train together and you’ll have to work together from start to finish, testing your stamina and determination, to complete this challenge of a lifetime.


Tackle it solo

If you’re looking for a challenge you can take on the Mountain Series solo. The climbs are tough but achievable. You can head out alone knowing you’ll have the full support of our crew all along the way.

Going it alone means you can set your own pace, walking as fast or slow as you’d like. And you can set your own goal, completing the challenge in a time you are happy with.

It takes a lot of mental determination and strength but once you reach the top you’ll have achieved your very own personal challenge.


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