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Project grants

In the latest round of funding, we have given out £1,330,390 across nine different projects including research investigating cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Batten disease and primary ciliary dyskinesia:

Research Training Fellowships

Our Research Training Fellowship scheme is more than 40 years old and we have now funded 170 fellowships at a total value of over £12 million (around £18.5 million in today’s terms). The charity is also proud to announce the latest recipients of its Research Training Fellowship programme:

  • Preterm birth: predicting which women are at risk of preterm labour
    Dr J R Cook, of the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Imperial College London, was awarded £137,367.00 to study small molecules called microRNAs; with the aim of producing a test which can be used very early in pregnancy to predict which women are at risk of preterm labour.
  • Cancers of the ovary, testes and other germ cell tumours in children
    Dr S Bailey, of the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, was awarded £197,895.00 to study specific inhibitors of microRNAs present at very high levels in all malignant germ cell tumours; with the aim of developing effective, non-toxic treatments for children and young people.
  • Ear deformities: developing implants for children with a small or absent ear
    Dr M F Griffin, of the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at University College London, was awarded £199,970.00 to develop ear implants for children using  a unique synthetic polymer to overcome complications with existing surgical techniques and implants.

None of our work would be possible without the generosity of people who make donations, raise funds and take part in events, as well as our trust and corporate partners.

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