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London to Paris

Action London to Paris Bike Ride

25-29 July 2018

If you’re looking to join an event and interested in this historic route via Dunkirk and Soissons, this ride is ideal.

Beginning at Crystal Palace this challenge takes you through the beautiful and rolling countryside of Kent down to the white cliffs of Dover for your short ferry crossing over to Dunkirk. 

Once in northern France the route follows quiet roads through villages and towns. The areas we pass through saw a great deal of action in WW1 and many road-names in towns testify to the history.  We then head up into Cambrai, a town which dates back to Roman times.

From Cambrai we cross beautiful rolling landscapes, where fields of crops stretch for miles. Narrow hedgerow-lined lanes take us through small villages, many of them with ancient crumbling buildings, and we follow wider boulevards through historic towns with striking churches and town halls. The last section of our route runs through an area involved in the WW1 Battles of the Aisne, and many of the villages have cemeteries and memorials to the fallen.

From Soissons, an ancient town which lies on the River Aisne, we head on to Paris. Reaching the suburbs, your final leg takes you past distinctive landmarks of this wonderful city as you head for the Eiffel Tower – your finishing point where together we celebrate to mark your huge achievement.

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£60 £79
Trip cost   £899 £899 self paid or fundraised £899 self paid or fundraised
Fundraising   £801 £801 £801
Total   £1745 £1760 £1779

Trip cost must be fundraised or paid by 27 April 2018.

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