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Charity Car Challenge Captivates Caped Crusaders

Scumrun - the original banger driving ’rally’ event travelling across Europe for five days of carnage – is back in 2018! Its primary objective is to raise money for children’s charities. In May 2018, Action Medical Research will be the chosen cause!

Places for the cross continental challenge are filling up fast; we caught up with Dave Taylor, 46, from Feltham to find out why he’s getting involved for the third year running…

The Justice League has nothing on these guys: (l-r) Dave Taylor, Ken Taylor and Lee Walsh

Dave, congratulations on getting a place on Scumrun! What’s your team name?

Well, there’s a group of us who are actually combining two teams into one for 2018. Myself, Ken Taylor (72), Stuart Laurie (40), Tom Aves (35) and Lee Walsh will be collectively known as ‘EXHAUTEDPISTONTYRED’! We genuinely can’t wait until next May.

The event’s been running for more than 10 years now; for anyone not familiar with the Scumrun challenge, how would you best describe it?

Scumrun is exploring Europe in a cheap vehicle with a bunch of friends who all want to raise as much money as possible for great charities. You will meet new people and go to new places. The destinations are unknown until the morning you are due to set off and you’ll be given checkpoints to visit along the way. Driving a car that might make the trip is part of the challenge!

This will be your third Scumrun; what makes you keep coming back?

There’s a real camaraderie among all the participants; everyone’s willing to help each other, which is really important when you’re driving a car that could potentially break down at any minute! You get to see some amazing scenery and of course there’s the feeling you’re doing something worthwhile for charity.

Part of the fun is decorating the car and dressing up. What have been your recent themes? 

Most recently we dressed as superheroes, which got us some strange looks! In 2016 we went as purple pimps with gorgeous velvet suits and big hats! We drove a Lexus LS 400 which was shiny purple and gold with a leopard print roof.

Nice! We’ve seen a rather random hashtag doing the rounds on social media… what’s #weneedken all about?

Ha! Ken is fast becoming the legend of Scumrun… the people’s champion if you will.  This will be his third time taking part… In 2016 he was a last minute replacement for a mate of mine who had to drop out. He liked it enough to come again last May, but he said it would definitely be his last. He always protests about getting involved, but he loves it really! The #weneedken is purely there to make him feel so loved he can’t say no!

What essentials will you be taking with you on the drive?

Well, we’ll definitely need a fridge, beers, crisps, biscuits, gaffer tape, cable ties, CB radio, more beer and migralieve. We take it in turns to be designated drivers – the organisers are very strict about making sure no one’s over the limit before they get behind the wheel.

What advice would you give to anyone considering taking part for the first time?

I would say go with an open mind and go with the flow; Put as much in as you want to get out and just enjoy!


'Exhaustedpistontyred' hope to raise £3,000 for Action Medical Research – you can find out more on their fundraising page.

If you’d like to get a team registered for Scumrun 2018, tap here to find out more.

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