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Apply for a project grant

The aim of the charity is to prevent and treat disease and disability by funding vital medical research in hospitals or research institutions across the UK.

The remit focuses on child health to include problems affecting pregnancy, childbirth, babies, children and young people. There are projects described on our website from our previous wider remit that have recently finished but all new applications must focus on child health.

Within child health, we support a broad spectrum of research with the objective of preventing disease and disability and alleviating physical disability.

Please note that our emphasis is on biomedical clinical research or research at the interface between clinical and basic science. We pride ourselves that our research is both innovative and of a high standard as judged by rigorous peer review.

Within the above criteria, we also support research and development of equipment and techniques to improve diagnosis, therapy and assistive technology (including orthoses, prostheses and aids to daily living) and we encourage applications in the field of medical engineering.

Call for outline applications for project grants from across the UK from Action Medical Research.

The next project grant outline closing date for outlines across our full remit and joint calls will be Tuesday 20 November 2018 by 5pm.

In this round we also have potential joint awards from Action Medical Research and the following organisations: LifeArc, Borne and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust.

Potential Joint translational rare disease awards from Action Medical Research and LifeArc

Action Medical Research is teaming up with LifeArc to co-fund translational research projects from across the UK focused on children’s rare diseases. This joint fund will be used to support projects that have moved beyond basic understanding of disease mechanism into the development of a product that will benefit a paediatric rare disease patient population. Applications will be considered through the Action Medical Research peer review system.

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Potential joint awards from Action Medical Research and Borne

Applications will be considered through the Action Medical Research peer review system for translational research into the causes of preterm birth in order to develop diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies to reduce the rates of prematurity.

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Potential joint awards from Action Medical Research and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust

Applications will be considered through the Action Medical Research peer review system for research to help children with brain damage or other mental or physical disability at birth in particular through research into effective physiotherapy treatments and the dissemination of the results to the public.

Applicants who apply in this topic area and whose Principal Investigator or Joint Principal Investigator is a full member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy are eligible to apply for up to £250,000 (our normal upper limit for grants is £200,000).

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Applications that are not eligible for co-funding but meet the remit of Action Medical Research alone will also be considered in this round.

The joint call with LifeArc has a different outline application form with additional questions. Other joint calls use our normal project grant outline application form.


Please note that we do not provide:

  • grants towards service provision or audit studies
  • grants purely for higher education, although Research Training Fellows are strongly encouraged to independently register for a PhD
  • course fees for degrees or subsistence costs
  • grants for medical or dental electives
  • grants for work undertaken outside the UK
  • any indirect costs such as administrative or other overheads imposed by the University or other Institution
  • costs associated with advertising and recruitment of staff
  • 'top up' funding for work supported by other funding bodies
  • costs to attend conferences (current Action Medical Research grantholders may apply separately as the need arises during the grant)
  • general appeals from other charities. Applications would normally come directly from research teams and projects need to be passed through our scientific peer review system
  • grants for research into complementary / alternative medicine
  • grants on how best to train clinical staff
  • grants on social research, family relationships or socioeconomic research
  • grants for very basic research with little likelihood of clinical impact within the short to medium term
  • applicants based in core funded units can apply but need to demonstrate added value.

Please also read the Action Medical Research exclusions and our guidelines before deciding whether to apply for a grant.

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