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Peer review

Action Medical Research has more than 60 years of history in funding medical research with many notable successes. With roots in research into the polio vaccine, the charity now focuses on the health of babies, children and young people, an area where there are very real unmet needs and not enough research funding.

We find and fund the very best medical research, through peer review, to help save and change children’s lives. Each year our expert scientific advisory panel recommends research training fellowships and project grants most likely to deliver and we pride ourselves that our research is innovative and of a high standard as judged by rigorous peer review.

We are a founder member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), the national membership organisation of leading medical and health research charities. AMRC assesses our peer review processes every five years and has awarded Action Medical Research a certificate of 'Best practice in medical and health research peer review'.

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