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Perthes’ disease

“When I first had Perthes’ it made my hip hurt a lot and the doctor said I couldn’t run, hop, skip or jump.”

Perthes’ disease causes children disabling stiffness and pain in the hip joint. While most children make a good recovery, some unfortunately develop permanent deformities or arthritis in later life.

Emma, 11, has struggled to come to terms with the constant pain that has severely limited her mobility over the last six years. Delayed diagnosis meant she was unable to have corrective surgery and despite subsequent surgery, the future is uncertain for her.

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We are currently funding a project led by Professor Michael Fagan looking to identify children most at risk of developing Perthes’ disease as well as investigating possible preventative treatments. This project could prevent other children from the pain and disability Emma has suffered.

We can’t fund this or any of our research projects without you, so please make a donation today.

Read Emma's letter on living with Perthes.

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