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Graham Obree

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It was an honour to be invited to the Champions of Cyclesport Dinner and just amazing to meet so many passionate cycling fans. Action is a wonderful charity and I know that cycling is very much at the heart of its fundraising. It was just nice to be able to play a small part.”

Graeme Obree, nicknamed The Flying Scotsman, is a racing cyclist who twice broke the world hour record, in July 1993 and April 1994. He was also the individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1995.

He was known for his unusual riding positions and for the Old Faithful bicycle he built which included parts from a washing machine. After watching a washing machine spin at 1,200 rpm, he opened it up and took the bearings for his iconic Old Faithful Bike bike. He lowered the handlebars thinned the bottom bracket on his way to crafting a cycle with which he could adopt his bizarre riding position. 

Scottish racing cyclist Graeme is a truly unique motivational speaker and inspires audiences with his life story about his journey to becoming the World Hour Record holder (x2) and World 4000m Pursuit champion (x2), captured in a film called The Flying Scotsman.