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Pick a day, bring a bear and show a child you care

Resources for teachers

Welcome to our dedicated page for teachers.

On this page you will find resources to help you make the most of your day by telling everyone about the event and educating children about our charity and the work we do.


Presentation – all about Action Medical Research

Lesson plans

Ask your children to:

  • describe, draw or write the story of how their bear came to school and share with their classmates
  • count how many bears are in the class
  • place the bears in order of size
  • describe the room at home where their bear lives and where bears live normally
  • add and subtract bears from a group
  • design an invitation to the teddy bears’ picnic
  • make a passport for their bear
  • take part in a problem solving game: what does Paddington need for a trip to Peru? And what would he need for a trip to Scotland? Or Spain?

Discussion ideas

  • Where does Paddington come from? Where is Peru?
  • Why is it important to help others?

On-the-day suggestions

  • Read ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ to the children
  • Hold a teddy bears’ picnic
  • Invite parents to come along with their bears

If you require further help please do give us a ring on 01403 210406 or email

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