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Action Medical Research is proud to offer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a limited edition hand-built bicycle courtesy of Forme Bikes of Derby. This magnificent machine is currently valued at around £7,000 and can be yours for just the price of a £10 raffle ticket.

The Forme Flash Super Bike has been built with Forme's finest road offering, the flagship Flash frame. This frame, designed and built with Torayca 800 UD (Uni-Directional) Carbon, has a BB86 wide bottom bracket for increased strength and rigidity and comes in black with red trimmings. Housed on the frame is the spectacular limited edition Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Groupset, Campagnolo Bora One Wheelset and a 4ZA Cirrus Pro Finishing Kit.

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Frame - Forme Flash 2.0 Frameset

Torayca 800 UD (Uni-Directional) Carbon with electronic fitting, BB86 wide bottom bracket plus integrated dropout and cable routing.

Groupset - Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Groupset

To celebrate the contributions of Campagnolo to the cycling world and to enhance its position at the forefront of cycling technology, the iconic Italian company has taken its highest mechanical specifications and added revolutionary and cutting-edge treatments to create the unique look of the 80th Anniversary Collection.

Sleek, understated and elegant in its design while precise, lightweight and performance-orientated, this beautiful anniversary collection is sure to be the envy of all cyclists who appreciate the best quality with regards to performance but also in terms of design. The components of the 80th Anniversary Collection are housed on the frame of the bike.

New finishing techniques such as humid-state microsanding on carbon fibre parts, new opaque finishing procedures on aluminium parts and new treatments for often overlooked technical pieces combine to offer not only a sleek and elegant look, but also one that resists the test of time and usage.


This is perhaps the most widely lauded component of a Campagnolo group thanks to its unique design. Control and comfort are its two most notable benefits. The feather-light Ergopower™ control offers unrivaled ergonomics thanks to its original form fitting design and all-day comfort due to its meticulously studied hood technology.

  • ULTRA-SHIFT™ SYSTEM: With just one action of the lever, you can upshift by 1, 2 or 3 chainrings and downshift by 1 to 5 chainrings at a time.
  • ULTRA-SHIFT™ ERGONOMICS: safe grip on handlebars in all positions and faster, more precise command on levers.
  • VARI-CUSHION™ HOOD: made of non-allergenic elastic material, with variable cushioning that provides the maximum comfort and safety even after many hours on the bike. Thanks to a special treatment, it is resistant to UV rays and maintains its original colours without fading.
  • DOUBLE CURVATURE BRAKE LEVER: allows you to engage and modulate the brake safely from any hand position.

80th anniversary finishing touches:

  • Ergonomic brake lever microsanded and painted with opaque finish.
  • Pivot bolts anodized black.


Every aspect of the crankset and every minimal detail has been engineered meticulously and continuously in an effort to reach the pinnacle of both design and function. Unidirectional carbon fibre crankarms, specifically designed teeth profiles, hard anodization treatment, titanium axle and CULT™ ceramic bearings are just some of the features of the 80th Anniversary Collection Crankset.

X.P.S.S.™: The Extreme Performance Shifting System special design of chain upshift and downshift zones - chainring pin profile optimisation - allows for faster and more precise shifting in all conditions.

CULT™: A combination of the highest quality ceramic balls and bearings in special Cronitec™ steel. CULT™ makes the wheel nine times smoother than the standard system of steel ball bearings. Balls and bearings are lubricated with only a thin film of oil rather than grease. CULT™ makes it possible to eliminate rust and maintain the performance features over time.

  • ULTRA - TORQUE™: Pressure on the pedals is transmitted efficiently without any power loss.
  • TITANIUM AXLE AND REVERSE THREAD TITANIUM FIXING BOLT: reduces the overall weight of the crankset by 40 grams.
  • HOLLOW CRANKS AND SPIDER ARMS WITH ULTRA-HOLLOW™ TECHNOLOGY: reduced weight of stress-free sections, improved crank set weight to stiffness ratio.
  • 8 CHAIN UPSHIFT ZONES, AND 2 CHAIN DOWNSHIFT ZONES: faster and more precise shifting, even under stress.
  • EXCLUSIVE CRANK/CHAINRING MOUNTING SYSTEM: reduced weight - easy maintenance.

80th anniversary finishing touches:

  • Left crankarm, internal side contains limited edition authentic numbered edition decal.
  • Crankarms are microsanded and painted with an opaque finish.


In terms of technology and functionality, the rear derailleur is surely the crown jewel of mechanic transmission. The bike's mechanics. The embodiment of 80 years of innovation, this particular component is the object of desire of any cyclist as well as the object of envy from any competitor. Speed, precision and silky smooth functionality, all embraced in an extremely lightweight and elegant package, make this 11 speed rear derailleur an icon of modern technology.

  • ALUMINIUM FIXING BOLT: the new two-part system is 53 per cent lighter than steel and 22 per cent lighter than titanium, without compromising resistance and rigidity levels, thus prolonging component life.
  • CARBON FIBRE UPPER AND LOWER BODY: extreme rigidity and reduced weight, thus increasing the rear derailleur precision and prolonging the life of components.
  • CARBON FIBRE CAGE PLATE: shifting positioning is exceedingly precise and thus extremely light.
  • CARBON FIBRE PARALLELOGRAM AND EXCLUSIVE ULTRA-SHIFT™ GEOMETRY: maximum shifting rigidity, fast actuation, precision, friction reduction.
  • CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS: very smooth, reduces friction, prolongs life and shifting performance.

80th anniversary finishing touches:

  • Upper and lower body in XMC carbon treated with humid-state microsanding finishing technique.
  • Frontal plate in woven carbon structure sanded and treated with opaque paint.
  • Two separate materials treated in different manners to obtain harmonious and similar finish.
  • High and low limit adjustment screws treated and finished with long lasting zinc-nickel coat.
  • Parallelogram bolts, barrel adjuster and other structural pieces finished with PVD DLC treatment that is both elegant and extremely scratch-resistant.


Absolutely unrivalled precision and speed: the front derailleur with ULTRA-SHIFT™ geometries, combined with the Campagnolo® crankset and chain, guarantee the best of shifting performance under any conditions. Thanks to its design, shifting is fast and extremely precise.

  • ULTRA-SHIFT™ CARBON CAGE: thanks to its graduated curvature, shifting is fast and extremely precise.
  • Z-SHAPE™ INNER CAGE: maximum cage force and rigidity when shifting.
  • EXCLUSIVE M-BRACE™ CAMPAGNOLO® GEOMETRY DERAILLEUR: high system rigidity and shifting precision.
  • OUTER ANTI-FRICTION TREATMENT: reduces friction and extends the life of all components.

80th anniversary finishing touches:

  • Derailleur cage closing bolt is treated and finished with a long-lasting zinc-nickel coating. The external arm of the derailleur cage is carbon weave sanded for an opaque finish.
  • Derailleur body, front and internal arms are molded and pressed in aluminium, sanded by hand, undergo a humid-state microsanding process and are subsequently put through an opaque anodization process.
  • Adjustment bolts are finished with PVD DLC treatment that is both elegant and extremely scratch-resistant.

BRAKES (272g)

Two fundamental components of racing are speed and control. One is useless without the other and it is impossible to say which of the two is more important. The unbelievable stopping power that derives from the dual pivot system, lightweight skeleton arm design and high performance brake pads makes for a shorter stopping distance and increased modulation. You can push harder than ever before as the Campagnolo® brakes will allow you to brake later and remain in greater control.

  • CENTRAL FULCRUM WITH BEARING SYSTEM: braking modulation, reliability and performance consistently maintained over time.
  • EXCLUSIVE BRAKE PAD COUPLING/UNCOUPLING SYSTEM: fast and secure brake pad replacement.
  • SPECIAL COMPOUND: reduction of braking distance in both dry and wet conditions - longer brake pad and braking track life.
  • SKELETON BRAKE ARMS: no-bend arms, modularity, reduced weight.
  • FRONT/REAR DIFFERENTIATED BRAKING: lighter rear brake - greater braking power modulation.
  • DUAL PIVOT FRONT/REAR VERSION: the brake allows an enhanced braking action.

80th anniversary finishing touches:

  • All aluminium parts including skeleton arms, pad holders and pad holder bolts are molded and pressed, hand sanded, undergo a humid-state microsanding process and are subsequently put through an opaque anodization process.
  • All functional parts and structural bolts are anodized black.
  • Cable retention pinch bolt in titanium with PVD DLC treatment is both elegant and extremely scratch-resistant.


5 steel and 6 titanium/nickel-chromed finish for steel sprockets - light alloy carrier - light alloy supports for the final two triplets - 11s timing - 11s tooth machining - 11s light alloy lockring, thread 27x1.

CHAIN (227g)

Perhaps the most overlooked component in the group, the chain has seen a great deal of innovation over the years.

With the evolution of the 11-Speed transmission, the Record™ chain was thinned in order to work within the tighter confines of the new cogset. However, the Record™ chain is still lauded as the strongest and most resistant chain despite its weight-saving, thinner profile.

  • ULTRA-SHIFT™ TEETH DESIGN: every sprocket tooth is designed and placed to perform a specific function, like lifting or lowering the chain or giving maximum power transmission to the wheel.
  • REINFORCED MOUNTS FOR SECOND AND THIRD TRIPLETS: greater sprocket set rigidity - performance precision.
  • ULTRA-SHIFT™ SYNCHRONISATION: the sprocket tuning allows for maximum shifting performance without hesitation: fast, precise and quiet, even under stress.
  • 6 TITANIUM SPROCKETS: less weight.
  • NICKEL-CHROME SURFACE TREATMENT: reduces chain/sprocket friction - extends sprockets' life.
  • ULTRA-LINK™ CHAIN LINK CONNECTING SYSTEM: high strength chain connection - greater safety and longer chain life.
  • ULTRA-LINK™ CHAIN LINKS: designed to provide maximum performance to Campagnolo® transmissions: longer life for chainrings and sprockets, maximum efficiency in power transmission.
  • SPECIAL STEEL LINKS: prolongs chain life, reduces chainrings and sprocket wear.
  • ANTIFRICTION NI-PTFE™ TREATMENT: reduces friction, smooth pedaling, quiet operation and efficiency - prolongs chain life.


This is what the Campagnolo® bottle-holder weighs. A monocoque in carbon fibre that clearly demonstrates the level of excellence achieved by Campagnolo® in the field of composites. The retention system is patented: a deliberate difference of a few degrees between the support axis and the collar means that when the bottle is inserted, the carbon collar acts as a thrust spring that holds the bottle in the ideal position.

Wheelset - Campagnolo Bora One Wheelset

The legendary Bora is not just for the professionals. That's why the Campy Tech Lab™ engineers designed the Bora™ One. The tubular set with full carbon rim will make you feel like a true champion. With maximum aerodynamics, extreme speed and incredible handling, the Bora™ One is sure to give you the utmost satisfaction in any situation. Even on the most challenging mountain bends.


  • FULL CARBON HIGH PROFILE 50mm TUBULAR: provides the maximum aerodynamic penetration. Extremely light. The highest degree of lateral stiffness and reactivity in a wheel.
  • EXCLUSIVE RIM PAINTING SYSTEM: rim painting is no longer required. The weight is greatly reduced and the surface is free from imperfections.
  • RDB™ RIM DYNAMIC BALANCE: an exclusive system that assures the perfect balancing of the rim even at high speeds. Molded into the rim itself.
  • NEW BRAKE PADS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR CARBON WHEELS: the new blend increases the brake performance by about 40 per cent on wet surfaces and 20 per cent on dry surfaces without increasing the wear and tear on the pad. For a more modular and more secure stop.
  • SPOKES WITH AERODYNAMIC PROFILE: provides the maximum aerodynamic penetration. Reduces aerodynamic drag, thus saving the rider energy.
  • SPOKES ANTI-ROTATION SYSTEM: allows the spokes to maintain the best aerodynamic position.
  • ALUMINIUM HUB: provides a high degree of lateral stiffness while keeping the weight low.
  • OVERSIZED FLANGE: greater torsional stiffness and greater reactivity.
  • CUP AND CONE BEARINGS: easy ball/bearing adjustment - reduces possible ball/bearing play - precision operation - maintains performance over time.
  • ALUMINIUM AXLE: reduces the weight of the wheel.
  • QUICK RELEASE: new, completely redesigned and lighter aerodynamic-profile wheel block. Steel spine and a lever with drill lightening and aluminum die.

The Eccentric-closure system allows the cyclist to modulate the pressure necessary for heightened sensitivity to find the proper closure for the block. Easy to use, with a material resistant to wear and tear, rust and pressure.

Finishing Kit - 4ZA Cirrus Pro

Used and approved by World Champions, the 4ZA Cirrus Pro finishing kit is designed using true monocoque construction, thus optimising speed and performance.

Handlebars/Stem - 4ZA Cirrus Pro, Integrated System - UD Carbon Saddle - 4ZA Cirrus Pro, Carbon Rail, Microfeel cover, 130mm width Seatpost -  4ZA Cirrus Pro, CARBON 31.6 x 350mm, LAYBACK: 20mm Tyres - Kenda Premium Valore Tub Tyres 700 x 22

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