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We have currently filled all our places. If you would like to be added to the reserve list then please do get in contact with the Events team on 01403 210406

Apologies due to the terms and conditions that Maratona dles Dolomites set in return for our entries into the ride we are unable to accept registrations from Italian residents living in Italy or anyone from abroad who currently resides in Italy.  

With 31,000 cyclists chasing just 9,000 places the Maratona Dles Dolomites cycle, (classed as one of the most important amateur cyclist events in the whole of Europe) is a must for any cycling enthusiast. This sportive is up there with the likes of La Marmotte in terms of challenge and is a test of physical and mental strength.

Action Medical Research has once again secured 50 valuable places at this prestigious event and to start in the second wave on the day! This is your opportunity to grab one of these treasured spots whilst at the same time supporting Action Medical Research to help save and change children’s lives.  

Grab a place today with a one off £360 payment. With most operators, you’ll need to enter into a package but with Action Medical Research £360 goes directly to the charity allowing YOU to co-ordinate your trip independently.

Note: This one off payment of £360 is just for your place on the ride. Flights, accommodation and transfers are not included and will need to be booked independently.  

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Friday 1 September 17

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This event will be launched to the public at the start of July

Key information

Location: Dolomites, Italy
Start point: La Villa, Alta Badia, Dolomites (BZ), Italy
Finish point: Corvara, Alta Badia, Italy
Maratona course
Distance: 138km
Altitude gain: 4230m
Middle course
Distance: 106km
Altitude gain: 3130m
Sellaronda course
Distance: 55km
Altitude gain: 1780m

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