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Potential joint awards from Action Medical Research and Borne

Call for outline applications for project grants from across the UK from Action Medical Research and Borne for a closing date of Tuesday 28 March 2017. Applications will be considered through the Action Medical Research peer review system

Action Medical Research and Borne are teaming up to fund project grants from across the UK for translational research to prevent death and disability in babies and children as a result of pregnancy complications.

Applications are invited in the fields of: preterm birth and factors leading to preterm birth; pre-eclampsia; IUGR; maternal environment to ensure healthy babies; the development of the baby during pregnancy; monitoring fetal health during pregnancy; monitoring the health of the baby during delivery; preparation for pregnancy to improve outcomes for the baby including nutrition; studies that follow the outcomes of babies and children following treatments given during pregnancy; neonatal care including necrotising enterocolitis; neonatal and perinatal interventions to reduce the long term consequences of birth asphyxia.

Exclusions include assisted conception and maternal health not having an impact on babies and children.

Applications may be made for:

Project grants of up to three years full time funding and up to £200,000 per award, including applications for pump-priming awards of up to £75,000 with a likely timescale of one year to 18 months to cover running costs and technical support to help researchers develop original and innovative ideas.

Applications may include pilot studies that will generate data enabling larger scale applications to funding bodies or practical application.

Applications for co-funded projects will need to meet the remit and project grant guidelines on the Action Medical Research website. Up to £500,000 of joint funding is available to spend on co-funded projects in 2017.

Applications that are not eligible for co-funding but meet the remit of Action Medical Research alone will also be considered.

Review process

Applications should be made to Action Medical Research though our normal grant round application forms and timelines. You can access a link to our outline application form here. Successful applicants from the outline stage will then be invited to complete a full application for full external peer review in open competition with other applications in the grant round.

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