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Potential joint awards from Action Medical Research and the Myotubular Trust

Call for project grant outline applications from across the UK from Action Medical Research and the Myotubular Trust was closed on Tuesday 21 November 2017

Action Medical Research and the Myotubular Trust are teaming up to fund a project grant in 2018 for translational research into myotubular and centronuclear myopathy.

All outline applications will be judged in open competition on both potential clinical impact and scientific quality.  Applications for jointly funded applications must meet the remit of both Action Medical Research and the Myotubular Trust.

Applications have been made for project grants of up to three years in duration up to £200,000 per award. Up to £200,000 of joint funding is available to spend on these co-funded projects in 2018. Principal investigators and applicants must be based at UK institutions and awards can only be made to UK institutions. Researchers outside the UK can collaborate on UK based projects if appropriate.

Action Medical Research will continue to consider applications across the breadth of its remit. Applications for project grants that are not eligible for co-funding but meet the remit of Action Medical Research alone will also be considered.

Review process

Successful applicants from the outline stage will be invited to complete a full application for full external peer review in open competition with other applications in the grant round.

Questions regarding the round should be directed to Action Medical Research through our email address

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