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Sophia's story

Pregnancy complications and premature birth

For Vicki and husband Adam, hearing the sound of their baby’s laughter is incredibly precious, since Sophia was born at just 26 weeks weighing 2lb 5oz, after Vicki experienced severe pregnancy complications.

“I had hyperemesis from six weeks into my pregnancy,” Vicki explains, “I was sick constantly. It was exactly the same as when I was expecting our older daughter, Mia.”

Vicki was hospitalised several times because she has type 1 diabetes and, at her 20 week scan, a potentially serious condition called placenta praevia was discovered. Unfortunately, this led to Vicki experiencing major blood loss 25 weeks into her pregnancy.

“I lost six pints of blood,” Vicki recalls. “And unfortunately even once I was in hospital, the bleeding didn’t subside.”

Even though it would mean baby Sophia being born extremely prematurely, Vicki’s consultant felt that a planned caesarean section delivery was the best option.

It was a traumatic time for the family: “I was scared, I was terrified, thinking, is my baby going to make it?” Vicki says.

Sophia was delivered in theatre at just 26 weeks, a welcome but shocking sight for her parents as she was so tiny and vulnerable. Difficult days lay ahead: Sophia suffered a serious infection and needed a lumbar puncture, and spent almost three months in hospital before she was finally allowed home.

Thankfully now, aged 11 months, Sophia is progressing well and is a calm, happy baby – except when she wants food: “Then she tells me with a red face that she’s hungry,” Vicki says. “I can read her like a book!”

Aware of the research Action funds into pregnancy complications and prematurity, Vicki says: “Nobody knows how a pregnancy is going to go. It’s so good to know that this work is going on. It makes you feel so much more at ease. Research that could find new ways to help babies born very prematurely, like Sophia, is just brilliant.”

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