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Key information

Question: Can I take part on my own?
Answer: If you are unable to find a team, contact us and we can put you on another team if a place becomes available. You will be notified as soon as you can join.
Question: Is there an age restriction?
Answer: Participants must be 18 and over. Participants aged 16 can take part, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Question: Can I arrive earlier in the day?
Answer: Yes, the PLOD organisers will be setting up and happy to say hello.
Question: Will I be safe?
Answer: Yes, as long as you have prepared, follow our advice and stick together as a team. Your briefing will include advice on what to do in an emergency.
Question: How fit do I need to be?
Answer: The terrain is tough in parts and depending on fitness levels, some teams will be on the trail for 12–17 hours. If you want to enjoy this event, and finish, then we recommend that you increase your fitness levels and endurance training properly.
Question: What kit do I need to carry? And do I need any special clothing/footwear?
Answer: Check out the recommended list of kit items that the team should be carrying. Keep to the essentials and avoid doubling up on basic items. Your main items will always be water, basic first aid kit, spare warm and wet weather clothing, a torch, route maps, and mobile phones. We recommend that you have a good pair of walking boots with ankle support. Make sure you have broken them in! Wicking tops are advisable, make sure you have clothing items to keep you warm or cool, depending on conditions.
Question: What happens if one of my team members drops out?
Answer: Changes to the team's details can be made online up until a week before the event, when the website will be closed. If a team member changes after this point email Cecilia on giving the name and full details of the replacement walker. If you have less than four walkers, your team will forfeit points.
Question: Does the event supply food, and cater for special dietary requirements?
Answer: There is food at the breakfast stop and at the end. Advise organisers, in advance, of any dietary requirements.
Question: Are there any special requirements for the support driver/vehicle?
Answer: Support crew are responsible for ensuring their support vehicles are both roadworthy and suitably covered by motor insurance. You will need a vehicle capable of transporting kit, food, drink and team members.
Question: Where is the meeting point, finish point and parking?
Answer: Start and finish is at Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle, FK8 3UT Priority parking will be given to the support vehicles, but there is parking in Aberfoyle - two minutes from Dounans
Question: What maps will we need? And do I need to be an expert map reader?
Answer: Route information: 1.50km – OS Landranger map – Stirling and The Trossachs – sheet 57 or 1.25km – OS Explorer map – The Trossachs – sheet 365. It will help if a team member understands how to read a map and a compass, but you don't need to be an expert. You will be provided with written route instructions. Particularly tricky sections of the route will be marked.
Question: What are the timings and dates
Answer: Date: Friday 5 and Saturday 6 June 2015. Registration is 9.00pm - 10.30pm. At 11.00pm a full briefing is held - all must attend. Midnight - PLOD starts. Duration: 12 - 17 hours
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