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Walking 50km overnight through the forests, up and down hills and alongside lochs sounded challenging and exciting. Raising money for a charity that does brilliant work for the unborn and very young kids sounded well worthwhile.
On the night there was a real sense of challenge and camaraderie and the Action Medical Research team were great. The event was very well organised with safety as a priority.
Setting off in darkness and finishing in glorious sunshine at 1.30pm the next day to cheers and champagne the journey was challenging beyond what we anticipated but the feeling of achievement once the exhaustion cleared was immense.

Parkhead Housing Association

June 2014

This challenge is not for the faint-hearted and I think it pushed us all to the limit. The support we had from everyone in DM Hall and outside was incredibly encouraging, we can’t believe we raised £2,994.

The charity has been carrying out enormously worthwhile work for many years changing the lives of some of our most vulnerable children. Our sore feet where a small price to pay for that.

Iain Woods, Director DM Hall

August 2013

The Plod exceeded all expectations. From the initial point of registering we were supported with fundraising and training tips to genuine caring Marshall's at check points, The route was well marked and scenic views were amazing, A unique experience in a midnight start 50k event, not to be under estimated or for the ill prepared even if you've done long distance walks in the past, I'd highly recommend Plod Trossachs.

Endurance to satisfaction to ''who's idea was this anyway'' My team loved every minute of it.

Lorraine Graham, Team Scotland Backpackers

August 2013

I was originally a walker and was changed to the support driver at the last minute after my team members car ended up in the garage. I wanted the glory of completing the 50K walk. Instead i got more. I brought my team the supplies they could not carry. When they walked 7k in the wrong direction and had to walk 7k back again i played Always look on the bright side of life from my car when they arrived back making them laugh when they wanted to cry. I took them to the next checkpoint so they could continue. When two members could not carry on i picked them up and when the remainder of my team crossed the finish line i treated their blisters and helped them to the car and subsequently the pub. The support driver allows the team to complete this difficult but worthwhile challenge and ultimately i was able to say i did this for them and they completed this for me.

Lara Turner - Thirsty Friends

August 2012

Looking back it certainly was a challenge. Don't underestimate the amount of training needed. We were a mixed bunch of age and ability and some had done more training than others. The weather certainly didn't help and I don't think any waterproofs were actually waterproof after 8 hours of continual downpour. However, we kept going and did have quite a laugh through it all. The route was well marked and we felt that the marshals knew exactly what was happeneing all the time (even when at one point they thought we had got lost). The trek was beautiful and once the rain stopped we could appreciate it. It was reassuring to see how well organised it was from beginning to end. certainly worthwhile if you can get a team together, I wont be forgetting the experience in a while.

Michelle Kirkpatrick, Be PrePare'd

January 2012

When I sent out an e-mail asking my colleagues if they wanted to take part in the PLOD I was surprised to get two teams (though with some hesitation). Practice got off to a slow start, but in the weeks before everyone was out in force getting lots of practice in before the big event. In preparation we walked parts of the actual route and were well impressed with the stunning scenery. Both the fundraising efforts and training really helped with teambuilding across both our teams raising a total of £2959 for a great charity. At midnight, both teams got off to a good start, however with heavy rain and slippy underfoot for the best part of the walk, we lost one walker at 6am. The organisers were extremely helpful and helped keep our spirits up until we eventually got over the line at 4pm the following afternoon. Thank you to all at Acton Medical Research for a fantastic experience.

James Conaghan, Chardon Management Ltd

December 2011

The Trossachs PLOD 2011 was the most physically and mentally challenging thing the 5 of us have ever done, we trained for months but totally underestimated how tough it actually was going to be, We had all the advice and litreature but still nothing prepared us for what lay ahead, It rained all night and it was so dark, we were all really tired, but at each checkpoint the marshalls kept us going. The route was set in some of the most stunning scenery. It was a very well organised event with great support we are all glad we participated, and to raise £2894.58 for a really worthwhile cause which made it even more of an amazing achievement.Thank you The Perth Plodders.

The Perth Plodders

November 2011
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