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RIDE24 Frequently asked questions

Question: What time does registration open on Saturday 6 September?
Answer: Opens at 7.00am
Question: What bike can I use?
Answer: Any two - wheel bike can be used in this event apart from fixed wheel bikes or tandems. Tri bars are not allowed to be fixed to any bike for this event.
Question: Can we come along on Friday night and camp?
Answer: Yes, ask the event manager about timings
Question: What race categories are there?
Answer: Men, women, mixed, solo and vets (vets - 40 and over)
Question: Is there any mechanical support?
Answer: 24 hour mechanical support is available on site. Recommend that you bring all parts and equipment to support your bike.
Question: Can I bring a caravan or similar?
Answer: There is a grass area for camping - only be suitable for tents, not vehicles. There is hard standing available in nearby car park within the circuit where accommodation vehicles can park. Please advise event manager on sarahs@action.org.uk no later than one week before the event if you are bringing a vehicle to camp in and you will be allocated space.
Question: What facilities are on site?
Answer: Toilets and showers, fresh drinking water, hot and cold food, camp site, parking, massage area.
Question: What do we need to bring?
Answer: You will be given a kit list in your rider pack (also find in downloads section). Bring bike, kit, tent for all riders, and any regular energy gels or powders that you are used to riding with. You will also be advised to bring all parts and spare tubes and puncture repair so you can fix any minor problems yourself.
Question: Will food be available?
Answer: 24 hour food will be available for RIDERS for the duration of your race. There is also an onsite restaurant that is open all day both days til late so supporters and guests can obtain hot food and drinks most of the time as well. Our Rider Catering considers all your nutritional needs.
Question: What about bringing family and friends along?
Answer: Friends and family are very welcome for the whole weekend. They can purchase food and drink on site. There is plenty of space – the more the merrier!
Question: How does the timing system work?
Answer: Each team is given ONE timing chip on a Velcro strap to hand between racers and every rider is also given a chip so they can track their own times. This Velcro strap is attached to the racing riders leg as they ride around the circuit. It is the riders responsibility to then hand over the tag to the next rider as they exit/enter the race.
Question: How many riders can go on the track at any one time?
Answer: Only one rider per team can race at any one time. You cannot have more than one rider racing.
Question: What if we have less bikes than riders?
Answer: This is fine as long as the timing chip is passed on to the next rider, it won't matter.
Question: Can we use tri bars?
Answer: Tri bars are not permitted and will be removed before the competition.
Question: Can a six man team win the overall prize?
Answer: No, the overall winners can only be a team of four. Six man teams are an additional category where there will be one winner in that group. The same applies to MIXED, VETS, FEMALE, and SOLO.
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