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Trusts and foundations

In 2016 we received support from around 150 charitable trusts and foundations. Grants ranged from just a few pounds to more than £100,000.

There are a number of ways for foundations and charitable trusts to offer support. Some give one-off or annual unrestricted gifts, which all us to use the money to address our identified priorities at that time; and others work in partnership with us to support a specific piece of research or area of work, such as premature birth, cerebral palsy or childhood brain cancer.

The loyalty and generosity of charitable trusts and foundations is absolutely crucial to our work, each making a valuable contribution to the costs of funding our projects. If you are involved with a charitable trust or foundation and feel able to consider supporting Action Medical Research, we would welcome the opportunity to provide more background to our charity, including the range of research covered by the projects we currently support. Where there is an area of particular interest a grant may be dedicated to a specific research project. We also welcome requests from Trustees wishing to visit research teams, either as part of their decision-making processes, or for following up research progress.

For further information, please contact Katie Heyward

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