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Youth Brass Band Entertainment Championship of Great Britain

The 33rd Championship will be on Sunday 12 February 2017 at the Opera House, Blackpool Winter Gardens

2016 championship

Mareika Gray (Music)
Paul Duffy (Entertainment)

Nine bands competed in the Opera House and produced many high-class performances. The overall winners were Youth Brass 2000, led to victory by Chris Jeans, with Elland Silver Youth second and Houghton Area Youth in third place. Full Youth Brass Band event report

For the full list of awards visit the awards 2016 page

See your band's performance on DVD!

As in recent years, all band performances will be recorded in full, and DVDs will be on sale for only £5, each including other highlights from the Championship. Download the 2016 DVD Order Form.

Watch a trailer of the 2014 DVD

Junior Brass Band Entertainment Festival of Great Britain

Martin Whybrow (Music)
Marianne Garbutt (Entertainment)

For the first-ever Junior contest, three bands competed and entertained a good crowd in the Arena at the Winter Gardens, showing a great deal of skill, enthusiasm and promise.  The winning band were Wigan Youth Zone Brass Band under John Don-Duncan.

For the full list of awards visit the awards 2016 page.

Many thanks go to all the volunteers who continue to make this championship a reality with all their hard work, especially to Gary and Monica Walczak.‚Äč

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