Youth Brass Band Awards 2014 | Action Medical Research

Youth Brass Band Awards 2014

Music awards

1st The Action Medical Research Ruby Cup Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Band
2nd The Rita Gaukroger Shield Youth Brass 2000
3rd The Action Medical Research Pennine Cup Rochdale Borough Youth Brass Band
4th The Whipp and Bourne Trophy Elland Silver Youth Band
5th The Torman Cup Enderby Youth Band
6th The Yamaha Cup Poynton Youth Band

Entertainment awards

1st The National College of Brass Cup Elland Silver Youth Band
2nd The Taylor Cup Houghton Area Youth Band
3rd The Roy Castle Cup Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Band
4th The Action Medical Research Trophy Youth Brass 2000
5th The Tredegar Cup Rochdale Borough Youth Brass Band
6th The Action Medical Research Shield Macclesfield Youth Brass Band

Other awards

Sylvia Graucob Rose Bowl Outstanding soloist Pippa Scourse (Cornet) - Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Band
The Action Medical Research Golden Anniversary Cup Most entertaining item Whitley Bay -Houghton Area Youth Band
The William Anderson Trophy Best march Bally Castle Bay - Youth Brass 2000
The Club Europe Trophy Best tenor horn Elland Silver Youth Band
The Paddy Briggs Shield Best soprano Youth Brass 2000
The Peter Ward Memorial Shield Best euphonium Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Band
The Tony Russell Cup Best bass section Wardle Academy Junior Band
The Chris Gilbin Trophy Best stage deportment Elland Silver Youth Band
The Peter Chrimes Cup Band displaying the most potential Macclesfield Youth Brass Band
The Championship Trophy Best overall band Seindorf Beaumaris Youth
The Finderman Award Conductor of the champion band Gwyn M Evans

Overall scores

Place Band Conductor Music Entertainment Total
1st Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Gwyn M Evans 1 3 4
2nd Elland Silver Youth Samantha Harrison 4 1 5
3rd Youth Brass 2000 Chris Jeans 2 4 6
4th Rochdale Borough Youth Steve Walsh 3 5 8
5th Houghton Area Youth Brian Adams 7 2 9
6th Enderby Youth Trevor Hounsome 5 7 12
7th Poynton Youth Brass Mike Eccles 6 8 14
8th Macclesfield Youth Brass Louise Renshaw 8 6 14
9th Egglescliffe School Brass Matthew Haworth 9 10 19
10th Wardle Academy Junior Gwen Smith 10 9 19
11th Hammonds Youth Brass Jamie Smith 11 11 22
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